Christmas is over, the season ends, and with it the cheer and good will of men.

Is it really so? Are we really only ‘good’ when the good come together to celebrate the birth of their better? Not really, although it is funny we think of these things only during the holiday season.


Well, you may have sung, you may have given, and you may have found something hidden in the recondite corners of the holiday; for that, I congratulate you, reader. It has been a strange season for me though, especially this year. Although I would not consider myself a Scrooge (however awesome it would be to think myself one, considering my previous post) I am not a fan of the crowds, the shopping, or the decoration. Also, I am absolutely not a fan of the snow – and I live in Utah. Am I turning sour with age? I don’t think so. I think it is just too much work now. Too much money and too much forced interaction with family members you have nothing to say to because you only see them twice a year.


As a historian, I find myself having to find new reasons to celebrate Christmas almost every year. ‘It’s for Jesus’ birth’ say some, but there is no evidence he was born in December. ‘It’s for the coming of Spring’ say others, but I am not pagan, so I don’t care. ‘It’s for the children’ say yet others, but I am not a fan of spoiling kids with an affinity for expensive gifts and candy – we just had Halloween! ‘It’s for family’ another voice cries, but I would rather not see people I don’t ever talk to, because we have nothing in common – hence the reason why we don’t talk. I may be coming across as too much of an old prune and way to conservative, but Christmas for me is about my family. My wife, my children, and my dog. We can stay at our house watching Disney movies, having hot chocolate as it snows outside, cuddled under a giant blanket – but we don’t. We participate in the mayhem, partake of the revelry, and stress over parties, appointments, and gatherings that make us drive on snowy roads, come home too tired to play with presents that are actually what we wanted for the holidays, and the children be too annoyed to sit through Sleeping Beauty or Charlie Brown’s Christmas before bed.

I looked at my wife yesterday, as the children had gone to bed too late for me to really rest before my own bedtime. She smiled and said: ‘wasn’t that fun?’ right before she fell asleep, like so:


I smiled back as she dozed off. I thought, Seriously? *sigh* only twelve months and she will want to do this again. I suppose if Christmas is about family, doing what they want to do is just as fine as sitting under a huge blanket, with warm cocoa, and a Disney film. I can put down the books, kick the historian off the pedestal in which he has placed himself, suppress the questions about life and the soul and just sit, if only for a moment, to reminisce about the fun the kids had and the moments she enjoyed. I think something awesome and philosophically deep was coming to mind, but it failed to take hold, I feel asleep as well.

I hope you all had fun and messy holidays!