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It is time for some Ancient Greek. There was a post in Latin which had Cicero saying “A friend is another self.” Remember that? Let’s do the Greek version, which predates Cicero by at least 400 years:

Ἕτερος γὰρ αὐτος ὁ φίλος ἐστι. (Aristotle)
Thus, a friend is another self.
Por lo tanto, un amigo es otro ‘yo.’

Here, Aristotle is far more detailed than Cicero was, for while Cicero was using ‘idem’ for ‘another self,’ Aristotle used two distinctive words, a Noun and a Reflexive Pronoun in order to indicate the reflexive nature of the self. Interesting viewpoints none the less. Since Cicero thinks a true friend is an exact copy of oneself, while Aristotle thought of a friend as a version of ourselves that didn’t, necessarily, had to be exactly like us.

Food for thought, Thinkers.