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It is Ancient Greek Wednesday! What shall we take a look into today? We have pulled an oldie from Archaic Greece (6th century BCE) and found this little treasure by Pythagoras.

Ἀρχὴ δέ τοι ἥμισυ παντός.
For in beginning, things are half done.
En el comenzar, las cosas son medio hechas.

What is Pythagoras saying? Many would translate this as “Well begun is half done;” however, the Ancient Philosopher had something else in mind. Just like a journey of a thousand steps begins with the first, Pythagoras says that anything you begin begins in beginning it. What? Well, think of Shakespeare’s “the native hue of resolution is sicklied o’er with the pale cast of thought.” In other, more comprehensible words, we tend to avoid doing things because in thinking about them we lose all impetus. Recognizing this, Pythagoras says that which we begin, no matter what it is, and at once having overcome our thoughts of doubt, is already half done.

Let’s stop thinking about our projects and start doing them, for in the action of beginning we are already half way there! Do not procrastinate (latin – pro (for), cras (tomorrow), tinus (belonging))