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Posting issues prevented us from getting you some Latin yesterday; let us make amends for our lack of ‘studium’ (zeal).

Vērus amīcus est alter īdem (Cicero)
A true friend is another self.
Un verdadero amigo es otro ‘yo.’

Of course; it is our Cicero that returns with a quote on friendship. What does he mean by ‘self?’ He, quite literally, says that a true friend is īdem, that is, ‘a third person outside of one self but equal in all things to one self.’ Have you ever had a buddy so close to you that you felt you could read each other minds? That is what Cicero equates to true friendship.

Also, if you ever watched “Ghost,” with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, and wondered what they meant when one said “I love you” and the other replied “idem,” now you know the answer. They meant to say “the same thing,” quite the neuter way to say ‘I love you back’ while practicing some Latin.